About us

Who we are

ECO-ROBANS Ltd is a private limited company owned by Mr Robert Ansari.

Robert is an entrepreneur and a visionary in e-commerce. He holds over 25 years UK as well as overseas experience in construction, however since 2016 he has also extended the area of his interests over e-trading and international tourism.

Robert believes in the idea that the futures belongs to e-trading and robotic systems. He specifically concerns about global warming issue and believes a robotic world in order to reduce human-based carbon could significantly relieve the issue and improve the human life-style in all aspects.

He is an enthusiastic, positive minded and determined character. He is  researching new topics in depth and asking details of each subject and always keen to look into new skills.

He is an early adopter of new technology with the vision, which is required to be successful in the area of e-commerce.

He knows how to self educate himself with the new technologies and comes up with new ideas and delegates them to the related persons for smooth transition.

He is an excellent communicator , with the ability to interact and engage with others.

His expertise in technology and project management makes him a successful and established entrepreneur in usage of e-trading in sustainable constructions systems as well as tourism.

What we do

At ECO-ROBANS Ltd, we are a group of highly skilled specialists who enthusiastically model and manage innovative e-commerce projects for both, the tourism & the construction industries. We are committed to sustainably grow and help the country's economy. 

As one of the leading international businesses in London area, we attribute our reputation and success to the efforts, cooperation and great customer service of our employees, advisors, collaborators and investors nation-wide as well as across the glob. We strongly believe in long-term collaboration and team work to achieve success.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about our policies, and commitments, should you have any questions or concerns about them, please do not hesitate to contact us.