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The motivation behind this strategy is to set up controls to guarantee consistency with all appropriate anti-bribery and debasement directions, and to guarantee that the Company's business is led in a socially mindful way.

Bribery is the offering, promising, giving, asking for or receiving of cash, or whatever else of significant worth (counting work), to any individual, association or government official with a specific end goal to instigate that individual to accomplish something despicable. This, as a rule, concerns endeavours to get or hold business, or secure some other inappropriate preferred standpoint.

It is our approach to direct the greater part of our business in a legitimate and morally responsible way. We take a zero-resilience approach to deal with remuneration and debasement. We are focused on acting professionally, decently and with respectability in the entirety of our business dealings and connections wherever we work,  actualizing and upholding viable frameworks to counter pay off.


These are the Anti-Money Laundering (ALM) Policy and Procedures embrace 'ECO-ROBANS LTD' in consistence with The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations. The business will effectively forestall and take measures to make preparations for being utilized as a medium for illegal tax avoidance exercises and fear based oppression financing exercises and whatever other actions that encourage tax evasion or the subsidizing of psychological oppressor or criminal exercises. 

Know Customer Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy (the Policy) has been set up in agreement Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA Act). This Policy likewise considers the arrangements of the PMLA Act and different Rules.


An irreconcilable circumstance happens when a man's close to home interests struggle with their duty to act to the greatest advantage of the philanthropy. Individual interests incorporate direct interests and in addition, those of family, companions, or different associations a man might be included with or have an enthusiasm (for instance, as an investor). It likewise incorporates a contention between a board part's obligation to [insert name of charity] and another obligation that the board part has (for instance, to another philanthropy). An irreconcilable circumstance might be genuine, potential or saw and might be budgetary or non-monetary. 

These circumstances show the hazard that a man will settle on a choice in view of, or influenced by, these impacts, as opposed to the greatest advantage of the philanthropy and must be overseen likewise.


ECO-ROBANS Ltd data protection declaration : We inform you, how personal data will be collected, used and under what circumstances this information will be released or otherwise processed. The trust that is placed in us has great significance and means that we have an obligation to treat your data with care and protect it from misuse.  

Our site may contain connections to outsider sites. You should avoid potential risk to guarantee that whatever connections you get to are free of infections, worms, Trojan stallions or other dangerous systems. The presence of these connections does not suggest that we underwrite such sites or any included substance. We are not in charge of such sites or content or any data protection policy of such sites. We comply with the UK privacy laws.


ECO-ROBANS Ltd recognise that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and are continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.


Robert Ansari, Managing Director, is responsible for ensuring that this environmental policy is implemented, however, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of this policy are met.

Policy Aims

We endeavour to:

- Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

- Continually improve and monitor environmental performance.

- Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.

- Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.

- Increase employee awareness and training.


We do:

- Minimise the use of paper in the office.

- Reduce packaging as much as possible.

- Seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products.

- Reuse and recycle all paper where possible.

Energy & Water

We will seek to:

- Reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible.

- Switch off lights and electrical equipment when not in use.

- Adjust heating with energy consumption in mind.

- Take energy consumption and efficiency of new products into account when purchasing them.

Office Supplies

We do:

- Evaluate if the need can be met in another way.

- Evaluate if renting or sharing is an option before purchasing equipment.

- Evaluate the environmental impact of any new products we intend to purchase.

- Favour more environmentally friendly and efficient products wherever possible.

- Reuse and recycle everything we are able to.


We do:

- Reduce the need to travel, restricting to necessity trips only.

- Promote the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail or video/phone conferencing.

- Make additional efforts to accommodate the needs of those using public transport or bicycles.

- Favour 'green' vehicles and maintain them rigorously to ensure ongoing efficiency.

Maintenance & Cleaning

We do:

- Use cleaning materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

- Use materials in any office refurbishment that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

- Only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.

Monitoring & Improvement

We do:

- Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

- Continually improve and monitor environmental performance.

- Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.

- Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.

- Increase employee awareness through training.

- Review this policy and any related business issues at regularly management meetings.


We do:

- Update this policy at least once annually in consultation with staff and other stakeholders where necessary.

- Involve staff in the implementation of this policy, for greater commitment and improved performance.

- Provide staff with relevant environmental training.

- Work with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to improve their environmental performance.

- Use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 and help the community.

Last review on 16/09/2018


ECO-ROBANS Ltd is dedicated to encouraging a supportive and inclusive culture amongst the business. It is within our best interest to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination.

Our aim is to ensure that all employees and job applicants are given equal opportunity and that our organisation is representative of all sections of society. Each employee will be respected and valued and able to give his or her best as a result. 

This policy reinforces our commitment to providing equality and fairness to all in our employment and not provides less favourable facilities or treatment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, religion or belief, or sex and sexual orientation. We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. 

All employees, no matter whether they are part-time, full-time, or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect. When selects candidates for employment, promotion, training, or any other benefit, it will be on the basis of their aptitude and ability. 

All employees will be given help and encouragement to develop their full potential and utilise their unique talents. Therefore, the skills and resources of our organisation will be fully utilised and we will maximise the efficiency of our whole workforce. 


- To create a working environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all team members are recognised and valued.

- To create a working environment that promotes dignity and respect for every employee.

- To not tolerate any form of intimidation, bullying, or harassment, and to discipline those that breach this policy. 

- To make training, development, and progression opportunities available to all staff. 

- To promote equality in the workplace, which [company name] believes is good management practice and makes sound business sense. 

- To encourage anyone who feels they have been subject to discrimination to raise their concerns so we can apply corrective measures. 

- To encourage employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

- To regularly review all our employment practices and procedures so that fairness is maintained at all times. will inform all employees that an equality and diversity policy is in operation and that they are obligated to comply with its requirements and promote fairness in the workplace. 

The policy will also be drawn to the attention of our consultants, freelancers, funding agencies, stakeholders, customers and job applicants.


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